About me

My name is Xenia Melnik and I'm a photographer specializing mainly in portraits. I also work as a photo editor in a local magazine Chief CK and shoot food rather often, that's why I decided to start a food blog to share some recipes with you. Have a nice time and bon appétit!
Here are links to my pesonal site and my accounts on some social networking websites:
Xenia Melnik Photography 

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  1. Just found your website through google search. I love your blog from the first time I saw it! I've been visiting blogs everyday for I am always up for new and refreshing dishes for my small business. I find it interesting and mouth watering (yey!) especially the Albanian food.

    By the way, I have found a cooking competition that I think you might get interested in. It's about cooking your national dish. The stake? A chance to win an Ipad mini or money. I think you would be a perfect fit to represent your country!

    Heres the link: https://www.facebook.com/IngredientMatcher

    Hope to see you on competition! Goodluck and have fun with it!